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Any amateur can screw up a cake. But to REALLY embarrass yourself, you need a professional. Cake Wrecks dutifully documents "when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong." From plastic carrot-riding babies to cakes inscribed "Thak You", this blog has it all.


The 'sentient' program known as CADIE made quite a splash on Google's pages this April Fool's. What appeared in the morning to be a nifty one-off turned out to be a delightful piece of complex performance art, with CADIE's increasingly insidious reach gradually expanding throughout Google's various services through the day, and increasingly sophisticated (and increasingly misanthropic) entries posted on CADIE's panda-strewn blog as the day progressed. Sharp-eyed Slashdot readers decoded hidden BINHEX messages sent out by beleaguered Google staff, warning humanity to shut off the internet 'before we are all enslaved'. As of today, CADIE's site is offline, and Google appears to have 'regained control'. FOR NOW.


Ever want to cause mayhem to your favorite website? Look no further. Visit Net Disaster and enter your target URL. Watch as the target site is stomped by dinosaurs, drowned in spilled coffee, or even nuked. What more could you ask for?


That's right. An enormous index of 30 second animated shorts, in which a troupe of bunnies re-enacts entire movies ranging from Borat to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But for our money, the real treasure of the index is in the 'other projects' section: the Pigeon Cam scenes.


Emeritus HF member Aidan from the Brunch continues to share his wisdom with the web in other venues. Stop by for a wry Brit's perspective on the real choices facing American voters in the fall: one of follicular madness. Get the straight info at Rooster Talk.


There is only one Christopher Walken. Or is there? Visit Walken the Walk for your chance to view and vote on Christopher Walken impersonations submitted from around the world. If you've got the chops, you can even submit an entry yourself. A winner will be picked February 29th!


That's right: the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, flayed alive by our friends at Not that this is challenging: the special was so bad that George Lucas tried to erase this travesty from our memories. Thanks to the internet, he failed.


It was only a matter of time until Stephen Colbert wrote a book. And it promises to be just as good as the show (take that as you will, depending on your opinion of the show). The good folks at NPR have graciously reprinted - with permission, we assume - the introduction to Colbert's book. Click, visit, see how a master craftsman takes pen to paper. It is worth it, if only for the baby carrots.


It was only a matter of time until Stephen Colbert wrote a book. And it promises to be just as good as the show (take that as you will, depending on your opinion of the show). The good folks at NPR have graciously reprinted - with permission, we assume - the introduction to Colbert's book. Click, visit, see how a master craftsman takes pen to paper. It is worth it, if only for the baby carrots.


Let's face it: there's too much darn enthusiasm on the web. Take a refreshing break from all that positive chatter with the most nihilistic site on the internet, the Church of Apathy. The folks at HF member News Mutiny may or may not have something to do with this - they're not talking.


Need a break? Stop by for one of the surreal flash cartoons from the twisted mind of Ed Womack, on Get Milked. The site also has a blog filled with truly inspired lunacy, both words and original pictures. Worth a visit!


Finding video content online isn't hard. Finding good video content is. For a little break from your serious workday, try The Ointment, which offers fresh satirical content daily (today's installment: the Hillary Clinton Theme Song).


Planning a party? Don't like your guests all that much? Visit for the ten worst drink concepts of all time. Three of them involve meat, and one includes "I Can't Believe it's Not Butter." Your party will be over before you run out of those little hot dogs.


The Nosferatu-like Batboy has been a perennial staple of the Weekly World News for years. Naturally, he now has his own dedicated page on the WWN website, where you can read about recent sightings. Bonus: they now have online video about these stories. You can't make this stuff up (or can you?)


Emeritus HumorFeed member Aidan McCaffery of The Brunch has a new regular column in the smart and sardonic Club Relaford, Everything I Know. Stop by and peruse his inaugural column, "Everything I Know About Diplomatic Crises I Learnt From Snakes on a Plane." You'll be glad you did.


The Marshmallow Peep is a seasonal staple. You either love 'em or hate 'em. This poet apparently loves them, a bit too much, one might say. Brace yourself for the "Ode to Those Little Marshmallow Heart Peeps," if you dare.


The most enduring remnant of Irish culture and tradition in the U.S., besides drinking green beer on St. Patrick's Day, is surely Lucky the Leprechaun, the corporate shill hawking marshmallow-laden cereal. Come visit Lucky's magical online kingdom. What could be more wholesome, or wierder?


Did you forget to get your significant other a valentine? You fool. Well it's not too late for an free e-card from I-Mockery. A nice wide selection, and there are zombies involved of course.


Those without kids may not know about celebrated author Dav Pilkey's Extra-Crunchy Website O'Fun. But now you do. Pilkey has authored such children's classics as "Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets." (Yes really.) Go forth and view the priceless and hideously catchy Captain Underpants Music Video (flash animation, link goes to video).


Let's kick off the new year with a completely nonsensical, yet strangely compelling cartoon about badgers and mushrooms, from Weebl's Stuff. Set up your coworker's desktop with this and watch the fun!


HF member News Mutiny has yet another seasonal offering: a set of Super Fun Christian Christmas Coloring Pages. You ought to know News Mutiny by now, but if you don't I'll just go ahead and tell you that these "border on the sacrilegious" like the blue whale "borders on large". Worth a visit, of course.


From the mind behind Smooth Operator comes, a website where you can handily rate just how evil people are. Give your two cents on classic Axis of Evil leaders, or nominate your own target. What else is the Internet for? Visit and vote your conscience!


You knew that Google offers versions in most major languages of the world. You may not have known that its options include Swedish Chefspeak, aka Bork, Bork, Bork! Try the "Google-a Seerch" experience for yourself. Or, translate your own text into Bork-speak with the Dialectizer site (no relation to Google).


We know, we just ran an I-Mockery link. But we absolutely cannot pass up the 7th Select Your Destiny Book - Alien Invasion! Year after year RoG and the crew at I-Mockery produce these peerless Choose Your Own Adventure stories. Don't waste that coffee break doing anything else!!


Halloween is right around the corner. It's terrific. But what do you do the other 364 days of the year? Solve this dilemma with this extremely informative Guide to Making Other Holidays More Like Halloween, from the ever excellent I-Mockery.


HumorFeed's own G. Xavier Robillard, of All Day Coffee, has a great new piece published in McSweeney's - the Homeschool Progress Report, which teaches us among other things that Calculus is as "Christian as a bean supper".


It's time for the 2006 Ig Nobel Prizes - and a fine crop of 'science' they found this year indeed. Learn why woodpeckers don't get headaches, how to cure hiccups if you REALLY must, and more! (The Ig Nobel site is floundering under the attention, so here's a decent article from elsewhere on the awards.)


BBC News, apparently discovering the internet for the first time, recently ran an article lamenting the lack of good British satire sites. Happily, they have since realized their goof and balanced their coverage a bit with a profile of many good British sites, including a number of HF members. Way to go, fellows!


If you have ever spent any time whatsoever comparing the merits of ninjas versus those of pirates, then leave your computer and get outside NOW (and wear sunglasses to avoid having your retinas seared by the sun). If this is news to you and you're saying "What?" then feel free to check out this informative Guide to Ninjas Vs. Pirates, courtesy of the very original Second Best Page in the Universe.


Do you require a comprehensive guide to breakfast? Who doesn't? Visit Idiotica's Guide to Breakfasts if you are having trouble in the morning, or were born in a cave.


Today's history lesson comes courtesy of the Uncyclopedia: The War of 1812, also known as "The War Nobody Wanted to Name". Learn about the critical roles that penguin commandos, beer runs, and the Stanley Cup played in this pivotal conflict.


It's time for the Fourth Annual World Stupidity Awards, founded because "although there were awards for those who kill themselves in acts of stupidity, there were none for those still living, who are probably more influential and dangerous." Who will take the prize in 2006 for "media outlet which has best furthered ignorance?" Vote and see!


You knew that Tiger Woods is considered the best golf player in the world. You may not have known that some may also consider him the Second Coming. The First Church of Tiger Woods isn't quite sure how serious it is. Mostly not. Maybe. But check out the Ten Commandments of Tiger just to be on the safe side.


Sometimes, the real news is so weird that even the most finely honed satire can't compete. Accordingly, HF member Deadbrain has launched a new site in the Deadbrain family, Deadbrain Offbeat, which aggregates the very oddest of the odd from the actual, factual news media.


Stop by Studio 8 for their latest video short produced for Part Two in the Adventures of Google Map Man, a comic book geek who believes that he is single-handedly responsible for mapping out the earth for Google.


The mainstream media believes Ken Lay to be dead, but we know better, of course. Test your wits (and geographical expertise) in this interactive "choose your own adventure" feature, Where In The World Is Ken Lay?, from our friends at News Mutiny.


You may think you've seen every possible permutation of the reality show. Sadly, you'd be wrong. HF member All Day Coffee offers the Reality Show Premise Generator, a version of which almost certainly paid for Mark Burnett's yacht. Try it, if you dare.


Bulwer-Lytton was a famously bad author you've probably never heard of. His books are best forgotten, but he has left a great legacy in Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, in which contestants vie to produce the absolute worst opening line to a novel. Click to read this year's winners and runners up!


All right, you may have seen this, but it's too good not to share: The Armageddon Flowchart. Find out what happens if the Antichrist turns out to be A) Bill Gates, B) Bert from Sesame Street, or C) a tin of pickled herring. Very educational!


Just in time for the holiday, HF member Cracked has come up with a great parody of the Fox News webpage as it might have looked in 1776.


Those rascals at Studio 8 have produced a real, live comedy sketch for real, live downloading on, reportedly just the first to come. Way to go, guys!


You are probably sick of the Da Vinci Code. You are probably also sick of Tom Cruise. New HF member site Cracked has solved the problem of having to waste time being sick of these things separately, by bringing them together in this "graphic novelization" of The Da Vinci Conundrum. Check it out!


Some things just get better and better. Ninja Burger has been providing tasty dangerous entertainment for years. And now, you can own the actual Ninja Burger Honorable Employee Handbook, just released and available at Amazon and elsewhere. You WILL experience the Ninja Burger difference!


It may seem like Washington is already a Vaudeville act, but the Dick 'N Dubya Show strives to go one better. Eight brief video clips showcase live-action political comedy that is (barely) more ludicrous than the real thing.


Our friends at I-Mockery have compiled a most illuminating set of Tips for the Modern Dad, and just in time for Father's Day too. Read it and laugh (if you're not a dad) or cry (if you are).


G. Xavier Robillard of All Day Coffee has once again shared his talents with the estimable institution Yankee Pot Roast, home of "Literary Gimmickry" aplenty. Check it out!


It's World Cup season, and HF member The Onion Bag has produced an in-depth Guide to the Cup, with a town by town guide to Germany (where the event is taking place) by David Hasselhoff, a team guide by Bono with trademark "Poverty Guide", and a "Skivertron" to help you plan how to skip out of work and watch the game, and much more!


Deconstruction of the classics has long been a fad for academics, but now it has extended to the ritual unmaking of the absurdly quaint marshmallow peep. Click here for a list of short online films in which peeps are burned, crushed, exploded, and just generally denigrated. 'Tis the season!


HumorFeed salutes member site The Sleaze for reaching its sixth anniversary - and with its trademark rapier wit just as sharp after all these years. What's more, Doc Sleaze has branched out and launched The Sleaze Diary, a new blog, as well. Best of luck in the next six years, Doc!


HF member site News Mutiny has now given us the magnificently educational wisdom of Petey the Safety Protozoa. Go forth and take notes!


Just in case you were worried that the Internet would get cluttered up with "real" facts, the Encyclopedia Spuria has stepped in to counter the nefarious spread of truthiness. It is a compendium of fallacious fact, bogus biographies and nonsense neology. Worth a visit or three.


Laughter may be the best medicine after all. You will have to decide for yourself if HumorFeed is a powerful prescription or an OTC placebo in this regard.


Identity theft is a problem for some, but HF member Bill Stockton (Satirium) has some surprises in store for would-be ID thieves. This NPR commentary from last year has timeless lessons for us all.


In the mood for something meatier than our news feed offerings? HF member Utterpants also features a variety of longer fiction, such as this story about an overworked Grim Reaper coping with unhappy clients, family woes, and life in a corporate afterworld.


"It was a dark and stormy galaxy..." How else could a massive fanfic novel starring Stephen Colbert as Tek Jansen, Spaceman begin? The site features sample chapters from a full length book. Is this lawsuit-baiting project "grippy?" Is it "trustigious?" Only you can decide.


HF member The Brunch has a Holiday exclusive for you: the sad tale of Joseph of Arimathea in his own words or "Unlucky Joe" as he's known to his friends.


Stuck in a rut? It could be worse. Try this "Choose Your Own Adventure" feature from HF member News Mutiny, A Day in a Modern American Life of an Ordinary Loser (Like You).


Has South Park gone too far in a recent show suggesting that the (very litigious) Tom Cruise is gay? This detailed analysis of the legal issues thinks the show may be safe, though it's skating on thin ice.


In a web full of ephemeral websites flickering on and off like fireflies in the night, a few have continued to shine for many a year. HumorFeed member The Enduring Vision is celebrating its fifth anniversary this week with a variety of articles and features. Stop by for some virtual cake and ice cream!


"It's nuzzled the fannies of our greatest world leaders. It's cradled the cheeks of celebrated actors. It's held the cabooses of influential authors." Ladies and gentlemen, it's the couch from The Daily Show, and you can enter for a chance to win it!


You may have seen this story elsewhere, but it's too good not to share: Yahoo Maps tweaks Google's tail in an apparently good-natured prank. Now the fun part is waiting for Google's response.


Why read news made by people when computers do it just as well? This Random George W. Bush Article Generator from HF member Glossy News gives you an entire brand-new (and surprisingly coherent) article every time your browser refreshes.


Garry Trudeau may not be loved by all, but he is unquestionably one of the best-known and most significant satirical commentators around. Amazingly, Doonesbury has reached its 35th anniversary.


Bushwhacked is an extremely well-done audioedited version of the president's State of the Union address, in which he says what many think he really means. Thanks to The Brunch for the link.


The Watley Review is a site somewhat out of step with the times, and its collection of original "advertorials" is no exception. From Babbage difference engines to Nantucket Shrimp Cider, you can find everything you don't need right here. (Click on the small ads for full-page versions.)


It's October, and that means it's time for the 15th First Annual Ig Nobel Prizes, which recognize real scientists for real projects such as analyzing brainwaves of a locust watching Star Wars clips. You cannot make this stuff up.


New HumorFeed member News Mutiny has a few extra features tucked away inside, including this excellent "Choose your Own Adventure" story in which you are a Goth teenager trying to cope with life in Red State, USA.


Halloween's approaching. As you ready your household for the festivities, be careful you don't run afoul of P.E.T.P.U.: the People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins. You do not want to make them angry.


The Perry Bible Fellowship doesn't seem to have a lot to do with the Bible. But it is a funny and pretty twisted comic. This archive page has about a hundred for your perusal. (Thanks to The Brunch for the tip.)


You remember the Furby... that awful little Gremlin-like toy which chittered at you randomly? If you've ever wondered what made this little monstrosity tick, and how to mess with it, the Furby autopsy site will be an invaluable guide.


The heyday of the mullet is past, but new HumorFeed member The Brunch has not forgotten. Come read this touching Memorial to Mullets long since gone to their reward.


One photo with a funny caption is a good find. Lowlights Now has a collection of eighty five in their "Photo Phunnies" album. Check it out.


Chief Justice Rehnquist has passed away, and HumorFeed member BSnews is there with an info guide on how his passing was commemorated. Maybe.


El Serpento is better than you. Maybe it's the green wrestler's mask, or his utter intimidation of weakling heroes such as El Matematico. The sources of his awesomeness are manifold, and beyond our comprehension. But read about them anyway. (From the mind behind I-Mockery, FYI.)


The Onion is fond of saying it will outlast all its competitors. We aren't so sure about that... But this Onion homepage from the year 2056 does give us pause for thought.


The Chortler has a splendid collection of online gizmos well worth a few minutes of your time, including the Jennifer Lopez Marriage Tracker, the Bush Administration Random Allegation Gizmo, and the Britney Spears Pointless Information Gizmo. Check them out!


There are many wonders in Britain, but none so strange and wonderful as the virtual Cornish village "so isolated that it is located a short way from the outskirts of itself." Trepanning is a unique fictional(?) place that offers everything from virtual tours of the beer well to quantum bus schedules. A marvelously rich creation from the mind behind The Department of Social Scrutiny.


Did you ever wonder exactly how many cups of coffee would actually kill you? Mountain Dew Code Red? Even Snapple? With this handy Death by Caffeine calculator, you can easily determine how much of your favorite caffeinated drink it would take to do you in, based on your body weight.


New member site John Fanzine has a collection of interesting flash animation with words of "wisdom" from the Butler on how to deal with everything from land-mines to monkeys.


John Breneman, who runs HF member site Humor Gazette, has landed a regular satire news column on the Boston Herald. Check it out!


A classic Mini-Mock from I-Mockery, the Invasion of the Giant Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Worth it for the Goldfish-mobile alone.


Deadbrain US webmaster Allen Voivod was interviewed on New Hampshire Public Radio last week. It is a great discussion of satire news in general and Deadbrain in particular.

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