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Our members have produced a wide range of books, albums, and other merchandise. HumorFeed lists these products as a service to its members and does not profit from these sales. Support the quality work of our member sites and order one of their products today!

"Murphy's Law to be Abolished!" is a collection of the world's funniest fake news. Highlights include the lucky atheist who saw an image of the big bang in a slice of toast, Glenn Beck's fears that whites will be rounded up into concentration camps called suburbs and Australia's election of Skippy the bush kangaroo. Satirical gems on politics and culture make you laugh once but think twice.

Author Ronald Pecorry III of Satire And Comment has been proving that the pen is mightier than the sword for years.

2009 was a strange year by any measure, and the stories in this collection won't change your mind about that. Stuffed with over 500 essential and frivolous headlines, Break the News to Me Gently will make everyone else in the unemployment line wonder what's so funny.

Author Tim Patrick, a software developer by trade, authored a half-dozen technical books before branching out into the lighter side of news.

Captain Freedom - A Superhero's Quest for Truth, Justice and the Celebrity He So Richly Deserves is the tale of a superhero only a stint in rehab away from a lifetime of celebrity reality shows. But with the guidance of his new life coach, maybe Freedom can stumble in a new direction—even if it means having to make peace with his parents... or finally commit to a single long-term archenemy.

Author G. Xavier Robillard is the writer behind All Day Coffee as well as the winner of the 4th annual HumorFeed Competition.

The BBook of Geek is a humorous guide to every subject that every geek cares about. Part reference, part satire, all geek, this book by the genius behind simultaneously pokes fun at and celebrates everything that makes a geek a geek.

Author Brian Briggs is the master geek behind BBspot, one of HumorFeed's founding sites; he also serves on the Editorial Board of Check Please!, the web's only serious e-journal about humor and satire.

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State is a well-received parody that "crosses all boundaries of political ideology". It's a "mad mélange of social commentary" endorsed by the well-known political satirists Art Buchwald, Will Durst, and former speechwriter for President Clinton, Mark Katz.

Author Don Davis, attorney/satirist, is the mind behind Satirical Political, a site which joined HumorFeed in 2006.

The BIGFib Book of Bollocks is that rarest of breeds: a book designed specifically for the bathroom. With all the best stories and photos published on BIGFib in 2005, the book is a must-have for your bathroom library. Plus, 10% of the purchase price will go to the Kashmir UNICEF Children's Fund.

BIGFib is a British site that joined HumorFeed in 2003. Writers Nick Alexander, Lee Camp and Alan Lord also have a number of non-satirical works of fiction available at the BIGFib Bookstore.

Recoil Magazine is a monthly, 70-page publication with satire, parody, and articles on West Michigan entertainment. Recoil has been a fixture in Michigan for five years. Subscribe today!

Recoil publishes some of its material on its website, which joined HumorFeed in 2006. Kim and Cliff Frantz are the creative team steering Recoil in both its on and offline incarnations.

88% of Americans Are Abnormal: The Bentinel Takes a Skewed Look At The News offers some of the best work from The Bentinel, bringing author Dave Oatley's gently sophisticated dry wit to bear on topics ranging from U.S. foreign policy to celebrity culture.

Oatley has been crafting profanity-free, yet extremely sharp satire since 2003. The Bentinel (originally The Eschalot) joined HumorFeed in 2004.

Mentally Incontinent is a unique collection of short stories by author Joe Peacock chosen with the help of over 3,000 registered members at the Mentally Incontinent website. These tales from Peacock's life and imagination are candid, keenly observational, and funny as hell.

Joe Peacock is a freelance columnist and journalist with a dozen books to his name, "none of which are available at a store near you." His help was instrumental in building in 2003.

This book from prolific author Ian Vince chronicles My latest book, Three Men in a Float, a tale of an epic journey across England in a 1958 milk float, with a maximum speed of 15mph. The book was co-written with Dan Kieran, who teamed up with Vince on The Myway Code.

Vince runs the Department of Social Scrutiny, which won the Channel 4 Comedy Circuit website competition in 2003; the site joined HumorFeed in 2004.

Everyone has a call-centre story or some nightmare encounter at the hands of 'customer services' to relate. Ian Vince's The Little Big Black Book of Red Tape is a kind of compendium of such stories, a sort of almanac of the bullshit of the modern world, and a catalogue of individual heroic battles against the corporate state. It features the Derby householder who is selling off minute plots of his back garden to well wishers around the world for 1 each to prevent the council putting a bypass through it; the Shropshire bus service that doesn't stop as 'stopping disrupts the timetable'; and the hospital recently fined 2.5 million for using 'spare capacity' to treat patients quickly.

Vince runs the Department of Social Scrutiny, which won the Channel 4 Comedy Circuit website competition in 2003; the site joined HumorFeed in 2004.

Ian Vince teams with Dan Kieran to turn his wickedly deadpan sense of absurdity to the labyrinthian codes of Britain's roads. Based on Britain's best selling non-fiction book, "The Highway Code," which, as Vince notes, "is 75 years old and, like any senior citizen, it has strong opinions, talks a lot about death and is widely ignored." The Myway Code is a better read, we can assure you.

Vince runs the Department of Social Scrutiny, which won the Channel 4 Comedy Circuit website competition in 2003; the site joined HumorFeed in 2004.

Britain: What a State is a complete and indispensable guide for anyone interested in learning how to navigate life in the United Kingdom these days, containing everything from tax forms from the Indolent Revenue Service to a handy graduated tea strength color-matching chart. Author Ian Vince has brought this splendidly tongue-in-cheek Orwellian handbook to life with a combination of searing wit and amazing artwork.

The book is based on the Department of Social Scrutiny, which won the Channel 4 Comedy Circuit website competition in 2003; the site joined HumorFeed in 2004. Vince is also the creative force behind the surreal Cornish virtual village Trepanning.

Postcards from the Pug Bus is the only pug book written by someone who was actually raised by pug dogs. This freewheeling ride contains thirty humorous essays that describe author Phil Maggitti's experiences as the omega member of a pack of pug dogs ranging in size from two to eight. Maggitti's book is living proof of the adage: if life sends you iron-willed dogs, you might as well make irony.

Maggitti named his website, which joined HumorFeed in 2005, after the book. Postcards is his latest in a long string of pug-related publications.

The Semi-Complete Guide to Sort of Being a Gentleman might be the most irresponsible book written since The Bible. And a bible it is, in its own right, for the billions of men alive today who have no clue how to behave in public or private situations.

Author Brock LaBorde is one of the minds behind Studio 8, one of the founding HumorFeed websites. This is his first book.

Is That True or Did You Make It up? is a collection of wide-ranging humor and satire from Bill Stockton's Satirium, and skewers everyone from presidential candidates and pompous Washington insiders to Martha Stewart, those who perpetrate wardrobe malfunctions and a Utah polygamist who marries himself.

Author Bill Stockton was an editor at the New York Times for almost 20 years; he has written several books and magazine articles. Satirium has been a HumorFeed member since 2004.

Everything Is Everything is a "mockumentary" film about three hopeless misfits who exhaust their meager resources to realize their dreams - dreams which are vastly different, though equally insignificant and impossible to accomplish.

The film was written and produced by the gentlemen who run Studio 8, a founding HumorFeed website. The film won the Silver Outhouse Award at the Outhouse Film Festival in 2004. It's available on DVD and as dowloadable video.

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